Italian Christy

Bread Lover Forever

Bread, glorious bread! (channeling my inner Oliver here haha)


Anyway, I have always loved making, baking, and most of all, eating bread. Maybe it’s because I grew up with Italian parents. Or perhaps it’s just in the genes? I especially love munching on those warm lovely loaves fresh from the oven. And no surprise, my kids love them, too.


Image credit: Leo Rey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

And now that I have started blogging (or struggling to), I have discovered so many new and delicious bread recipes online that it’s hard to keep up with them all. But I’m smiling all the while, anyway, because I would always welcome the chance to experiment with new recipes, busy schedule be damned. Haha. So for the past few months, here are my top 5 bread recipes that I’ve recently discovered:


Pane al’olio by Emiko (

Bread with olive oil may sound pretty simple, but these are quite scrumptious buns. You’d probably be tempted to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know I was. I easily consumed four buns in one sitting. 😀

Pane casereccio by Frank (

Some crusty bread that’s perfect with a plate of pasta. According to Frank, it’s great for catching those leftover sauces on your plate. Try it and see if you don’t agree.  ^_^

Classic Italian bread with walnuts by Nonna Box (

A recent discovery, thanks to an online acquaintance, I have seriously fallen in love with this bread loaf (this may be partly because I love walnuts). Nevertheless, although this could be a bit tedious to make, it is super delicious.

Focaccia con le Cipolle by Giulia (

I’ve always loved focaccia. It’s like my go-to bread when I can’t decide what bread to bake, or when I want to make a quick sandwich. And add one of my favorite flavors, it’s simply perfect. Try this super savory loaf and see if I’m lying.

Coffee-Spiked Banana bread by Domenica (

Coffee is life! And bananas, too! Yes, yes, I love my cafe lattes and cappuccinos. I actually can’t survive a busy morning without gulping down a cup first. And to have that flavor in one of my favorite breads? Did I mention I love bananas? 😛



yummy and sweet panettone

Of course, a baker never rests. He/she will always seek to find new adventures for the palate, and so I have also recently discovered some pastry treasures I haven’t tried, yet.

And here are the pastry adventures set in my immediate future:

Coconut Lime Banana Bread with Lime Glaze by Katie  (
Braided Easter Bread  by Liz (
Italian Easter Bread with Eggs (albeit, cute colorful ones, too!) by Marisa (


Buon appetito!

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