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Berry Picking, Nursing Cravings, and Eagerly Waiting for Spring

You may have already heard from the news, New York is struggling under winter storm Stella at the moment. So the kids and I are at home, cooped up in this cold weather… well actually, they’re enjoying a second snow day in a row and the three couldn’t be more ecstatic. Luckily, my eldest can babysit her younger siblings and so I can spare a few minutes to write this down.

Soooo, I just saw this scrumptious-looking strawberry milkshake recipe online yesterday and now I’m having some serious cravings. My own recipe only has whole milk, strawberry ice cream, vanilla extract… and of course fresh strawberries. And it works, just ask my kids. ^_^ For now though, the plan for yummy shakes is put in the back burner. Besides, it’s freezing outside. But seriously, who wouldn’t get cravings when you see this…

strawberry milkshake 02

Am I right?

So anyway, then it got me thinking, I can’t wait for Spring to fully kick in. And I can’t wait to find fresh strawberries in the farmer’s market.

Strawberries in a bowl 02

May seems too far away. 😦

How about you? What can’t you wait for in Spring?

Oh, and before I forget… (or should that be “Beware the…”?) 😛

Beware the Ides of March

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